„Lovers in London. Chloe Marr »A. Milna

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We know Alan Alexandra Milna since childhood-thanks to books about Winnie Poh. But we are almost unknown to his adult prose – fascinating, exquisite, imbued with thin English humor and incredibly popular during the life of the author, in the middle of the last century.

1. Vicissitudes of love. While the young London Teddy walks with his American cousin Amelia, showing her the city and jealous of her family friends, then to the raccoon in the zoo, while the men of high light unsuccessfully take care of the irresistible Chloe Marr, “a woman without a heart,” Alan a. Miln jokes over Thauer and Tower, Crycote and Croquet, over colleges and tea and, at times, over himself – of course, with the most serious expression on his face. Of course, both of these novels are not a comedy of provisions, but there are plenty of funny situations there.

2. The charm of English humor. He is cordial and soft, but engaged to wit. He is elegant and fundamentally far from vulgarity. It is built on the game – words, sounds, reason, associations. He is a ruin, like a fog, things with him lose their sharpness of outlines, and meanings are doubled. And it is impossible to resist him.

3. Such a different laughter. These novels Milna are polar. Teddy from “lovers in London”, like its author, is only https://otomasyonsepetim.com/iletisim/ 23 years old, and they both joke, as only youth can: carefree and rampant and rampant. Chloe Marr is the final novel of the 64-year-old Milna, who survived two world wars and watching relations of men and women with a good-natured smile on the ups and downs.

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